Whether you’re a first-time mom like me or someone who has been blessed to be a mother more than once, I am sure you can all agree that EVERYONE thinks they are an expert when it comes to parenting. I have never in my life received more advice from friends and strangers alike until I gave birth to Ini.  While some has been solicited, the majority has been unsolicited and I can’t say that it all works for us because let’s be honest, every baby is different. It took 3 months before I started to get into the groove of things and being a mom felt less chaotic. Thanks to my mother and sisters for helping get through the crazy days. 

I have taken some tips from my mother, sisters and mommy friends and have developed some of my own along the way during the last 8 months that has helped me navigate this new world of motherhood. Having a newborn by no means makes me an expert either but I wanted to share a few things that has worked so far with us and has kept both mama and baby happy and healthy.
Supplements for Newborns
Giving your baby supplements can significantly help ensure that they get what they need for healthy development. We have been giving Ini vitamin D3 drops since the day she was born. Vitamin D3 drops help their bodies absorb and use calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.

At home we use D Drops for Babys  for Ini and love it. It contains no sugar/sweeteners, corn, starch, gluten, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours or preservatives. D Drops Vitamin D3 Drops also come in a gravity bottle specifically designed to release the appropriate dose of 400 IU (10 mcg) every single time, which is just one drop. This makes things super easy as there is no measuring. And as fussy as babies can be in regards to administering pretty much anything into their mouth that’s not breastmilk or formula, the drop can easily be taken during their feeding by placing it on your breast (or bottle) nipple and they don’t notice a thing!
Diaper Bag Prep

I packed my baby's Coach Diaper Bag before she was born by looking up what needed to go in there, but trust me, you don't really realize what you need until you've been out a few times with baby. For the expecting moms- here is how to make the process seamless:
  1. Start Small. Instead of packing up for a whole day out on the town, try just going for a long walk or a trip to the mall. This requires much less for you to have  on hand. Once you have nailed the short outings, then you will have the confidence for longer ones.
  2. Pack The Night Before. This is a game-changer and saved my life. It totally eliminates the stress of accidentally forgetting something important. I had actually left the house without extra diapers and a change of clothes earlier on and just take a guess who had a poo explosion. When you’re not rushed to be anywhere you can take your time which significantly lowers your stress level.
  3. Do Weekly Inventory Checks. Babies grow FAST. If you like to keep extra changes of clothes in the bag, make sure to take a look at the onesies and pants in there. You would be surprised, not swapping out these items for just two weeks can leave you stranded with clothes that no longer fit if you’re out and need to change your kid.
  4. Simplify Bottle Making On-The-Go. If you are exclusive formula feeding your baby or use it occasionally for supplemental feedings, find one of those pre-portioned formula containers so you can easily make bottles on the go.
  5.  Different Food Options On-The-Go. Chances are your baby will become more picky with food as they get older. It's always best to have different options on hand. I can't even count how many time having a pack of Mum Mum or baby cereal has saved my life. 

Car Travel Without Meltdowns

Its not uncommon for babies to have a meltdown when they are put in the car. I have assumed it has to do with the car seat as babies generally love motion. Ini had so many meltdowns when she was younger I can't even count. It got to the point where I had to drive in the back seat with her while my husband drove to sooth and calm her down. We are now at a point where she is either so relaxed she's sleeping or cooing away in the back. I would advise you to make sure your baby is well feed and changed before heading out for a car drive. Having a mirror facing the baby has been very helpful. I absolutely love the Brica Baby In Sight Mirror. It comes in handy when checking on baby to see how they are doing or simply just making eye contact with them which can instantly calm them down when driving.
 The learning curve with a baby is steep and I have discovered new tips and tricks as baby grows. Doing what works best for you is key to a healthy and happy baby. 


This past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited amongst other well known Influencers in the city for a 2 day weekend staycation at the Marriott In Terminal Hotel at the YYC Airport and what a memorable weekend it was!

A hotel with amazing architectural designs featuring scenery from the Rocky Mountains and amenities that matches and beats anything you would typically find downtown.

Upon checking in, I was greeted by the nicest concierge named Di. He quickly directed me to the front desk and helped me with my luggage up to the room.

I checked into a super cozy room with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains and the airport tarmac. I was greeted with a welcome note and a DIY Saskatoon Berry Mule with an itinerary of the evening.
The first item on the itinerary was a cocktail making session with Marker's Mark. The winner of the contest would have their creation featured on Yakima Social House's cocktail menu for a whole month. I made a tasty concoction called " The Rosie" It was a perfect blend of Marker's Mark,  Raspberry, Sage, Rose Chips, Rose Petals garnished with a rosemary, mint leaf and a sugared rim. My cocktail placed 3rd place out of 11 cocktails and I was super surprised, but pleased as I was gifted a cocktail making kit. 

The Marriott prides it's self in supporting small local businesses and on day 2 we toured one of The Marriott YYC's longest running partnerships; Half Hitch Brewery located in Cochrane. We got to see first hand the process of brewing beer from start to finish and it was quite intriguing as I had never been in a brewery before. 
We were treated to a 3 course dinner on the evening of the second night. What was unique about this experience was that it an interactive style dinner. We got to make the appetizers and dessert our selves.

My staycation at the Marriott YYC In Terminal Hotel was exactly what I needed to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriends. If you ever think of having a staycation in the city,  the Marriott In Terminal Hotel YYC should on the top of your list.


Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I last updated my blog, but Guess what?! I'M BACK.

I started this blog 7 years ago as a creative outlet talking about Fashion, showcasing all the things I enjoyed and giving you guys a glimpse into my life and that still holds, but a lot has changed in this time. Blogging has provided many wonderful opportunities and has lead to the launch of my business, Joyce's Closet which started as a section on this blog and has since turned into an award winning Consignment Boutique . In the last 5 years of running Joyce's Closet, I struggled with balancing blogging and running a successful business and eventually the business took precedence and I put blogging in the back burner and only blogged sporadically.

In September of 2015, I lost my father to Cancer. It was a traumatizing experience that shook me to the core. It made me realize that it was time to settle down and start a family.

Also during this time, I met my husband and got married. We got married in a big traditional Nigerian wedding with over 250 guests surrounded by our friends and family. It was the happiest day of my life, but it broke my heart that my father never got to walk me down the aisle and give me away like I had always dreamt.
Most recently, we had a beautiful baby girl named Inioluwa Isabelle.  She is the centre of our world and the most BEAUTIFUL girl in the world. You'll understand when you see her in person. Eyes so big, bright and full of LIFE.
In the last 8 months since my daughter has been born, I have felt the itch to start blogging again and share my new world and perspective as a thirty something year old,  new mom, newlywed and GIRLBOSS. I have so much to share about the feelings, experiences and outfits that come with this new world. 

This is where you’ll find bits of my life, my style and confessions as I navigate my new world.

Enjoy the new adventure!


With Father’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to shop for dad! We partnered with Land & Sea Gifts inside Core Shopping Center to check out some trending goodies for dads. With countless options for gifts ranging from playfully printed socks to special spatulas, it might be hard to choose just one gift! Check in and check out of Land & Sea with our favorite presents for pops:

What are you getting dad for Father’s Day this year? Love our gift list as much as we do? The fine folks at Land & Sea were generous to treat one of our lucky readers to a $50 gift card! Enter by commenting below and tell us your most favorite gift you’ve ever given dad for Father’s Day. Contest ends Friday June 16th  at noon. * Contest is open to Calgary readers only.

Happy Father’s Day!
The morning views at the morning news were full of style at Global Calgary with a stunning selection of dresses showcased from Joyce’s Closet. 
The local luxury consignment business shined some light on the benefits of renting the perfect dress for a special occasion, rather than buying. 
With spring in full bloom, the social events of warmer seasons are ready to be filled with the trendiest looks. Bright colors, playful patterns, and edgy embellishments are trending in style this season, which can all be seen within the dress rental racks of Joyce’s Closet. Special occasions such as weddings and graduations can be costly when it comes to investing in the perfect gown. Finding a happy medium between being on a budget and still looking your best at a pivotal event can be easily reached when you are able to rent it at an affordable price. 
With two renting options to choose from (4 day rental for a weekend, 8 day rental for a longer getaway), the Joyce’s Closet dress rental service can offer a financially practical and environmentally sustainable method of looking fabulous for a fraction of retail value while still contributing to the lessening of ‘fast fashion’. 
Joyce’s Closet gathered three knock-out looks to show a stylish scale of popular choices from the expansive collection. Models Cydney, Louisa, and Kirsten stepped in front of the camera to show off these head-turning dresses:

Cydney stuns in a floor-length silk champagne gown with a halter top and lace front accent. This look could be worn as a glamorous ensemble to attend a black tie wedding. With a complementing black clutch and a classic pair of pearl earrings, you’ll feel like a star knowing your gown was rented for a reasonable $160.

Louisa is wearing a flirty mini dress with a criss-cross back, full mesh skirt, and contrasting texturized color block for a great cocktail party look. It shows off a sophisticated edge that’s ready to party for just $50 to rent at Joyce’s Closet!

Kirsten is glowing like a goddess in this emerald green silk gown. The plunging neckline and cinched waistline create a glamorous combination of sophistication and poise. This look is great for practically any occasion you want to look unforgettably fabulous in for $90

The dress rental services at Joyce’s Closet afford you the time and money to invest your in something else when it comes to putting your look together, like a great pair of heels or a statement necklace. 

Rent your special occasion style for a steal at Joyce’s Closet dress rental services and book an in-studio appointment today via e-mail at info@joycescloset.ca, or visit the gown gallery online at JoycesCloset.ca

(The Joyce’s Closet team at the Global Calgary studio)

There is nothing quite exciting as discovering more ways to dress up and play up your wardrobe! Spring has officially arrived, and this season is moving fashionably forward. 

Our look of the week mixes casual cool with a feminine edge. This look is ideal for the social fashionista who is ready to transition into the weekend. 

We focused on a casual, sleeveless denim button-up by Current/Elliott that goes with practically everything. For this edgy ensemble, we paired the denim top with a bandage a-line mini skirt - a playful way to add a polished vibe. A pair of leopard patterned Kenneth Cole Reaction flats and patent burgundy mini cross body purse from Banana Republic  can set a well-dressed  tone for the day, and you can easily switch to dressing up at night with an Aldo clutch and gorgeous pair of studded peep toe Valentinos at night. Keep your look cohesive and top it off with a moto jacket and red lips! Spring into style and shop this look at JoycesCloset.ca


Time to switch out your snow boots for a pair of fun flats! Versatile, practical, and incredibly cute, flats are a comfortable way to play up your wardrobe. Whether you’re into patterns, bright colors, or playful appliqués, flats are a fantastic way to dress up or down this spring. When looking for an ideal pair of flats, look out for optimum comfort and support with padded soles, or aim for flexible quality with stretch openings, like the J. Crew Mila Nude & Black Cap Toe Ballet Flats (https://www.joycescloset.ca/collections/new-arrivals/products/j-crew-mila-nude-black-cap-toe-ballet-flats), available at Joyce’s Closet. 

Jewelry is always a fun way to decorate your wardrobe and detail your favorite outfits. Incorporate brighter colors and accents into your springtime wardrobes with an ornate statement necklace, like the J. Crew Yellow Bubble Statement Necklace (https://www.joycescloset.ca/collections/new-arrivals/products/j-crew-yellow-bubble-statement-necklace) from Joyce’s Closet. Bold statement jewelry is a fantastic way to liven up a muted outfit, so you can pair it with a neutral outfit from winter or aim to match with complementary colors. 

A classic watch is an excellent way to amp up your wardrobe. Like statement jewelry, a lovely timepiece can add a little shine or sparkle to your spring outfits. A great watch is not only practical to tell time, but a fabulous way to keep your style consistently chic. Favorite examples of a fabulous watch include the Michael Kors Large Rose Gold Runway Chronograph Watch (https://www.joycescloset.ca/collections/new-arrivals/products/michael-kors-large-rose-gold-runway-chronograph-watch-8096) and Guess Chronograph Gold Crystal Watch (https://www.joycescloset.ca/collections/new-arrivals/products/guess-chronograph-gold-crystal-watch) from Joyce’s Closet. 

Nothing welcomes the sun and warmer weather more than a lovely sundress. With so many options to choose from, it’s always great to rock a sundress that you feel most comfortable in while expressing your style. Complement your sundress as if it’s a blank canvas while your flats and statement jewelry are decorative pieces to complete the look. For a feminine silhouette, go for a dress that flatters and accentuates your waist, like the Tommy Hilfiger Green Sun Dress (https://www.joycescloset.ca/collections/new-arrivals/products/brand-new-tommy-hilfiger-green-sun-dress) or, if you’re looking for a longer look, go for the Ivory Abigail Brushstrokes Maxi Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg from Joyce’s Closet. 

Transitioning your wardrobe can be so simple just by adding and mixing your favorite looks with new, refreshing pieces. Check out JoycesCloset.ca to get more looks on spring essentials! 

The finest of wines were at the 2017 Winefest sponsored by Sobeys Liquor and Safeway at the BMO Centre. Hundreds of guests attended the annual occasion to partake in sipping and sharing. With glasses in hands and bottles ready to pour, Winefest Calgary was a sensational soiree. 

Among the several wines available from all over the world, we took some time to get to know our favourites in a fashionable flair. So we took to the bottles and asked a well-dressed question: “If your wine was a fashionista in real life, what would her style be like?” The responses received were fabulous and just as lively as the libations being described. 

Alpha Estate, a winery located at the northwest part of Greece, produces delicious wine. Specifically, the Alpha Pinot Noir sets a warm taste with notes of dark chocolate and spiced plums. Kostas, export manager at Alpha State, believes that Alpha State would always be dressed in anything Vivienne Westwood. “Alpha Estate would be edgy but classy. She would wear something fashionable every day, but more importantly she would be making a statement.”

Columbia Winery, Washington state’s first premium winery, had a simple yet elegant logo that matched the refined taste of its varietal Merlot. “If Columbia Valley were a woman, she would have a style that is relaxed, classic, and French. Merlot is a French grape in origin — it’s classic, soft, and she would wear a classic black dress with a string of pearls to accessorize,” said Jocelyn, on-premise sales for E. & J. Gallo.

Another favorite wine brand was Brakemen Foundation’s Carita, not only because of its robust and refreshing tastes, but because of it’s support for Zero Hungry Kids - a mandate that aims to ensure that every child in grades K-6 receives proper nutritional meals throughout the school day within Calgary’s school system. The gentlemen representing Carita proudly modeled their bottles while wearing cowboy hats and relished in the idea of Carita being an incredibly stylish woman. “Carita would we be wearing a nice, long red dress with straps. Her hair is down and she’s going to a nice dinner party!” said Brakemen Foundation representative Jay Third.

Another favorite among the flavorful options was Anna Spinata. Produced in Italy and primarily distributed in BC, Anna Spinata creates wines that are sure to liven up a party, all while being completely organic! Bottled up to perfection and wrapped in a colorful, playful design packaging, the Spumante Brut Rose is a taste of the ideal summer - refreshing, flirtatious, and fun! “If Anna Spinata was a fashionista, she would be fun, flirty and lively,” said a representative for Anna Spinata. “She would be wearing tight jeans with pumps, a fun little jacket, and her hair is up and a little messy!”

With a vast collection of curated wines set up inside the BMO Centre, it was a lovely surprise of a treat seeing local Calgary business Ollia representing their delicious macarons. Although the fashion question pertained to wines, we couldn’t help but ask David Rousseau, owner of Ollia, what Ollia herself would wear if she were a chic fashionista. “Ollia would wear a small, flowery and Parisian dress,” said Rousseau. “She would be wearing that dress in the Springtime during beautiful weather and she would be spending the day shopping around. She would also be sophisticated, but she wouldn’t necessarily know how sophisticated she really is.”

From detailed descriptions featuring edgy to sophisticated, classic little black dress to long red dress, and hair down to a messy up-do, it almost seems like there could have been a Winefest themed fashion show on a runway at the BMO Centre! How would your drink dress up? Cheers to sipping in style!


The Academy Awards is Hollywood's biggest night and some of Hollywood's biggest stars were out looking glamorous and regal last night on the red carpet.  There were lots of hits and misses on the red carpet when it came to style, but the classic looks seemed to be the winner. Here are our picks of Best Dressed from last night.

Emma Stone looked like a true star in a gold, body-hugging Givenchy Haute Courture by Ricardo Tisci dress with tiers of fringe.

Jessica Biel wore a distressed metallic Kaufman Franco dress with an edgy Tiffany & Co necklace. 

Viola Davis looked so beautiful in a strawberry cold-shoulder dress by Armani Prive. She is such an amazing actress and so deserving of her win.

Taranji P Henson opted for a classic chic look in a beautiful navy off shoulder gown by Alberta Ferretti.

Which were you favorite looks from last night? 


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