Cute Workout Clothes

As you all know i started  my fitness journey 3 weeks ago and I'm happy to say that i haven't fallen off  I do feel 10x better than i did before i started. I am no where close to my goal, but one thing i do know is that i will get there in time all i have to do is be CONSISTENT. Just like every woman who is into fashion, we want to look sexy  inside and outside of the gym and what better way to stay sexy than to wear some of the hottest workout gear out there right now.. Below are some of my favorites.
Above is New Balance 759 $94.99. I personally have and love these. I bought them 2 weeks ago and they have proven to be worth every penny.

Above is the LunaFly +2 $80.. Yes Please!!! I'll be accepting these as a gift from anyone who wants to take it upon them self to buy them for I'm serious

Nike Sox Turbo +11 $120. These are so badass. I want

Above is the Lululemon Grove Pants $98. I own and love these pants because of the different colors on the waist band. You can match with different colored tops.

Above is the Lululemon  Run Inspire Tights $92. I've been doing a lot of running lately and find it easier to run in tights than regular workout pants.

Above is Adidas  Response Split  Sort $20. This short is perfect for a run on a warm summer day or when you feel like having a good sweat at the I know i have those days..

Above is the Lululemon  Power Y Tank $52. I love the simplicity of  this tank. I personally own this tank and  love it because it goes perfect with everything.

Brook Equilibrium T Shirt $40. Perfection is all i gotta say.

Above is Lululemon All Sport Bra $48... Cute!!

Above is the Under Amour Cold Gear Sub Zero Mock $50. I Lovvvvveeeeee this!!!! It goes perfect with tights.

I'm trying Zumba tomorrow for the first time and I'm beyond excited.... lol It should be fun!!!



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