Designer Bags If you are Rich, Broke, or on a Budget.

Not until 3 years ago, the idea of owning a designer purse was foreign to me, I always thought you had to make lots of money to own one or date a rich  Just like every other girl, i own a lot of purses in different colors, shapes and sizes and most of them haven't lasted very long.If i added up all the rubbery mess in my closet that i have accumulated in the last few years i could have spent that money on a couple nice designer bags that i would still be using. In other words what I'm trying to say is that investing in a good designer purse will go a long way and last you forever. These days there are purses for every budget and I'll give you guys a rundown of all of them:

Designer Bags if you are Broke ($60-$300)

Above is Coach Wristlet Purse $68.... This purse is perfect for a night on the town and also when you don't feel like carrying a big bulky bag. I personally have this one and its one of my favorites.

Above is signature Gucci Wristlet $295. You can't go wrong with this purse. Its very affordable and worth every penny.

Above is Rebecca Minkoff Rockette Studded Bag $150. This bag is perfect for everyday use and can easily transition into night time.

Designer Bags if you are on a  Budget: ($600-$1000)

Above is the Damier Canvas Speedy 30 $800. I personally own and  love this bag and this bag goes with everything in my closet. The bag is durable and perfect for your everyday use.

Above is the Gucci "Sukey" Tote with interlocking G charm $875.  This bag is perfect for everyday use and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

Designer bags if you are Rich and got the money to spend: ($1200-$3000)

Above is the First Balenciaga Bag $1195. This bag is badass and comes in a variety of colors. This bag is very versatile and is perfect for daytime or evening. I loooooooovvvvveeeee this BAG.

Above is the LV Monogram Vernis Alma Bag $1800. This bag is da bizness.  and makes me drool every time i see it. This bag will definitely be my next purchase

Above is the Chanel Large Flag Bag $ 2800. This bag is  ICONIC. This bag has been around for years and will never go away. It is a bag that you can pass on to your children and will stay in the family for at least a 100 years if taken good care of. This bag gives me serious I am currently coaxing the bf  saving to buy this bag.. I'LL OWN YOU ONE DAY....LOL

The reason why i did this post was to inform people about the prices of designer bags because most people assume that all designer bags are expensive. I'm just showing you the different price points and how affordable most of them are. Ultimately if you want to spend some serious cash on a bag i suggest you do some research and find out which bag best suits your budget and style. I'm by no means encouraging anyone to go bankrupt just to own a designer purse. All I'm saying is save a little bit of money and buy what you can afford.

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