My Fitness Journey

I have always been the skinny girl until i hit puberty which was around the age of 12-13 for me and i noticed that the junk i was putting in my body was starting to catch up. I decided to get a gym membership at the age of 14... Ya i know crazy huh..  and i started working out everyday and eating  less junk

My senior year in High school i noticed the weight started melting off and i was estatic about it. That summer after graduation i was in the best shape of my life and felt like i could tackle any obstactle that came my way. I started University and starting dating my ex and i was on top of the world. We had a rocky relationship and also with the stresses of school the weight began to pile on again. I tried to stay on top of working out but it was very difficult working a part-time job, going to school and being in a relationship. I graduated University 40 pounds heavier and nursing a broken heart.

 Two years later i'm still 40 pounds heavier and feeling sorry for myself so i have decided to finally do something about it. I started working out again April of 2010 till September and lost 19 pounds, but the stresses from starting a new career and working two jobs and barely making time for myself caused all the pounds to pile back on.
 This time i plan to lose all 40 pounds and keep it off for ever, hence why i started this blog to make my weight loss struggle public and to encourage other women going through the same struggle. So two weeks ago i started working out again by doing intense cardio and areobics training and started eating healthy and making healthier decisions with food. So far i've lost 5 pounds!!! Yay.. I am so excited for my new journey and cant wait to show you results..

I'll try and post pictures of my progress weekly.

I'll leave you with this Quote:
It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.
Oprah Winfrey -

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