30 days 10 Pound Challenge

Ya I know, its been a while since I talked about my weight loss journey but I am happy to say that I have lost 25lbs to date!! That to me is a huge accomplishment and I am very proud of myself.  In just a few weeks I will be leaving on my second summer vacation with the bf and friends and I'm super excited!!! As much as I am excited about the turquoise blue water and +30 degree weather everyday, I have been a little anxious about the idea of baring it all in a bikini because as we all know nothing strikes fear in the heart of women everywhere like bikini season. Hence, I have started a 30 day 10lbs challenge to lose the last 10 lbs and tone up before my trip.

The Plan
1 hour of cardio 5 days a week     
Kickboxing twice a week.                                                     
Circuit training twice a week.
Lean proteins, simple carbs and vegetables.
Reduced sodium/sugar intake.
Cutting out alcohol for 30 days ( No promises here..lol)

So far I am right on track and have lost 3lbs with 3 weeks to go. Get started on your weight loss journey today and join me on my 30 day 10 lbs challenge.

Get MOTIVATED and get started today!

Happy Friday!!


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