The Results

I know I promised to post the results of my 30 day Challenge before I left on vacation, but I was too busy with work and doing last minute errands for the trip that I didn't have time to do the post. Well the results are in and I must say this was one of the most difficult things I had to do. I honestly thought it would be easy losing 10 lbs in 30 days and that I would stay motivated, but it proved to be not so easy. In the first week of my challenge, I lost 3 pounds and it everything seemed to be going good, and then things slowed down after that.  After 4 weeks of challenging myself  to healthy eating and intense workouts, I only lost 4 lbs with 5 inches all around and I am satisfied with the results.

I returned from my vacation two days ago, stepped on the scale and lets just say I gained every pound I lost from the challenge and a little more. In the past I would have been hard on myself, but honestly every pound gained represents how much fun I had and I wouldn't have done things differently.

Here are a few funny/favorite pictures from my trip

I will post more pictures from my trip in the next few days.

Happy Tuesday



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