Summer Fun!!

I know it may seems like I've been ignoring my blog, but really I've been having one of the best summers of my life.. At the beginning of the summer I promised myself that I would take time from my hectic work schedule and make time for myself, but more importantly, spend more time outdoors and I have been doing just that. From running outdoors to enjoying local outdoor festivals, I have come to realize that Calgary is indeed a beautiful city. I am leaving on vacation in 9 days and I am super excited. I'll be back next week just before I leave on my vacation to tell you guys the result of my "30 Day 10 Pounds Challenge".  Honestly, you all need to enjoy the last 6 weeks or so  of summer before the crisp fall air rolls in.

Happy Friday!!



  1. Are you following a given program as a part of your challenge or are you doing it all on your own? Do you mind giving your readers a breakdown of what you're doing to lose weight?

  2. I am doing it all on my own while following some basic rules that we all know when it comes to dieting. I try not to eat past 9pm every night, I have cut down on my consumption of alcohol and most Importantly controlled my portion sizes. I work out 5 days a weeks with 1 hour of cardio and weights in between. I sometimes take an aerobics class and I throw in yoga into the mix once a month. Hope this helps!


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