I often wish for peace and quiet, but my life is consumed by work and so many other things I can't mention that I never get to experience that. Last week I  took a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city  and headed to the mountains with the bf. It was his birthday and what better way to celebrate than to get away from our busy lives and kick back and relax. Even though I have been to Banff a million times, I am always taken aback by the beauty of this small town and how being there makes me so happy.We checked into our hotel, did a little bit of site seeing before returning back to the room. Our 1 day trip entaled eating take-out in bed, popping a bottle of champagne and doing absolutely nothing. It may not seem that way, but I sometimes enjoy the simple things in life. Even though I constantly complain about how busy my life is right now, I  am in a happy place and wouldn't have it any other way right now.



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