12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 Voluspa Candles

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The 10th Item on my 12 Days of Christmas wish list / gift guide is candles by Voluspa. This holiday season give a gift of sweet smelling candle by Voluspa. I'm obsessed with nice smelling candles just as much as I am with perfumes and I love relaxing at home with candles burning.  I recently just purchased the Saijo Persimmon by Voluspa and absolutely love it. I think this gift is perfect for anyone on your list.

Learn more about it here

You can purchase it at Anthropologie in Chinook Mall in Calgary


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  1. I love Voluspa candles! Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach is my favorite fragrance. http://www.candlesoffmain.com/voluspa-makassar-ebony-peach-candle-3-wick-tin.aspx. I also love the adorable 2-wick tins like you have picutred above in the Saijo Persimmon fragrance. Voluspa tins are so beautiful and they make perfect hostess gifts. Very handy to have a few on hand at all times for gift giving. Great blog!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I 'll buy that one as well.