New Things

1. Knit Sweater
2. Silk Dress
3. Silk Blouse
4. Palazzo Trousers
5. Leather Pencil Skirt
6. Floral Print Blouse
7. Silk Blouse

I have a new found love for all things silk. Above are my recent purchases from Zara. My absolute favorites are the leather pencil skirt and the cream silk blouse. Stay tuned for an outfit post later this week. The first week of 2012 has been exceptional. I started a new job and I'm finally back at the gym full-time. Being back at the gym isn't a new years resolution for me but rather trying to maintain an active lifestyle as much as I can. Also stay tuned for my first ever GIVEAWAY this week!

Happy Sunday!




  1. cute!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to it! I like your style...You now have an active follower!!!

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    P.S. I LOVE ZARA clothing!

  3. wow loving everything here <3 x


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