Sunday Brunch

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This past Sunday, I met up with my dear and beautiful friend Stephanie! Stephanie just returned home after three months of  travelling through Australia and South East Asia …Oh I envy her! We decided to meet up to discuss her trip and what we’ve both been up to and doing that over brunch seemed like the perfect idea. Stephanie suggested we check out one of her favorite brunch spots called Vendome Cafe and lets just say I was impressed! This lovely little cafe is tucked away in Sunnyside on the other side of Kensington and was bustling with people when we arrived Sunday afternoon. Stephanie and I tried the French Toast with Caramelized Bananas and Sunny Side Eggs...Oh so yummm!  The ambiance and decor was absolutely amazing and every table had a fresh flower on it. Perfection! This place is a must visit for every Calgarian and I’ll definitely be back.



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