Creamery Official Opening Party

On Thursday night, some of Calgary's taste-makers in the fashion and beauty industry gathered at the intimate new skincare store Creamery located in  Eau Claire Market for its official opening party! Creamery is a one of a kind skincare store that creates customized skincare products for your face and body based on your ethnic background, skin tone and most importantly your individual needs. The layout is set-up like a kitchen where  the Owner Virginia aka "Chef V" whips up some amazing recipes from  all natural edible ingredients to make some of the finest facial creams, face scrubs, body scrubs, lip balm, and lotions. I had no hesitation believing in the products based on the flawless glowing skin of  Chef V and all of her staff. and I couldn't wait to try some samples out.
 Chef V doing what she does best!

I absolutely love this quote. " Beauty Is Ingrained In the Texture Of Your Skin" 

After chatting with Chef V and and mingling with everyone we all sampled the body scrub and moisturizing cream and got to take home a couple of customized products . I opted for the single whipped moisturizing cream which contained butter, coconut and vanilla and a sea salt facial scrub with plum.  Its been a few days since I got my product and I can definitely notice a difference in my skin and I think I have finally found a product to combat Calgary's winters. Thanks to Chef V and Chef J  for their warmth and for hosting such a great opening. I will definitely be back. You can check out their facebook page or visit their store  at Unit A3, Barclay Parade SW, Calgary.


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