The Road To Self Discovery

I have come to realize a few things about myself in the last little bit and I might regret this later for telling the whole world. I am not the most spontaneous or the most adventurous when it comes to life decisions which has put my heart and mind in tremendous conflict.

I have been battling with the decision of listening to the voice of reason or following my heart, but I've been  too afraid of the outcome ahead. I am more fragile than I care or want to admit and I tend to portray myself as this incredibly strong woman when in reality, I am just a delicate soul longing for acceptance and approval which has put my heart in great melancholy. I recently chose to follow my heart desires over a voice of reasoning and my heart is paying dearly for it, but If I had to change anything, I would do it all over again because life to me is all about trial and errors until you get it right.

On a much lighter note, this past weekend business and pleasure brought me to an incredibly beautiful little town of Harrison, nestled in between magnificent mountains in B.C, where the views were breathtaking and postcard worthy.  Here are some pictures from my trip.



  1. It looks like you had a beautiful weekend, Joyce. Whatever the difficult decision you had to make was, good for you for following your heart - that's always the harder path to take.


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