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One of the perks of being a blogger is having access to some of the hottest events/parties going on in the city. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being invited for media tasting at Winefest at the Big Four Building on the Stampede Grounds in Calgary.  Winefest is a unique yearly event that gives consumers the opportunity to try some of the newest wines with knowledgeable experts on hand to help with tasting notes and any other questions you may have. It was my first time attending Winefest and I have to say I was very impressed with the different vineyards and what they had to offer. Here are three of my favorites from that night.

Two of my favorite wines came from  Cupcake Vineyards; a vineyard I had never heard of before. I was drawn to their booth because of their decadent sounding names. Angel Food is a luscious chardonnay with hints of vanilla and baked apples which made for a creamy mouthful, while their Red Velvet, a sweet  blend of Merlot, Cabernet , Zinfandel and petite Sirah which had hints of chocolate, berries and sweet fruit was reminiscent of chocolate cupcake and left me wanting more.

After stopping by the Cupcake Vineyards booth, I was feeling a little adventurous from the liquid courage and decided to check out an Italian vineyard called Zorzettig. This vineyard had a variety of grapes to try, but I opted for a grape I had never heard of before with a not so easy to spell or pronounce name; Schioppettino. This bright ruby red grape is rustic to the palate with hints of berries and spice, the perfect wine pairing with red meat or pasta.

On my way out the door, I noticed a booth that had a crowd of ladies and my curiosity led me over to investigate what the hype was all about and that's when I discovered NVY. NVY is a Chilean sparkling wine with actual fruit pulp in the bottle. There are two flavour available; Passion Fruit and Berries. This wine was so fruity and delightful I had more 5 tasters and could so easily see this one being a hit amongst the ladies at any party.

I had such an amazing time at winefest and left with a wealth of knowledge on different wines, bubbles, ports and such and now have a few new favorites for my upcoming house warming party.

Until next year!




  1. Fun!!! And I totally agree about Cupcake Vineyards, their Red Velvet is my fav!

  2. Winefest sounds amazing! I especially jealous that you got to try wines from Cupcake Vineyards, they've been on my wine wishlist for what seems like forever but I wasn't able to find them before leaving Canada!


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