Fabricated Season 3

This past Friday, I combated an icy and treacherous parking lot in 5 inch stiletto heels to attend Season 3 of  Fabricated. Fabricated was an exciting fashion event held at the Currie Barracks put together by a great group of people who are passionate about promoting the fashion culture in Calgary by helping designers promote their talent. The event started off with a trunk show and a photo exhibit by Jessica Pechet followed by a Runway Show by Artist Group, Lionette, Kendra Jo, Broken Doll, E.G .Forge and NRT.

Art Display by Jessica Pechet
I loved many of the looks of the designers, but was particularly fond of Lionette's feminine designs. Her use of delicate chiffon and lace was refreshing and left more to be desired. I also loved  E.G. Forge's incredible craftsmanship and his attention to detail with his magnificent leather bags and jeans. Check out some of my favorite looks from the Runway Show.
Artist Group


K JO Designs
Broken Doll

E.G Forge

 Although I enjoyed the show, I was less than impressed with some aspects of the event, particularly, about the attendees and their blatant use of profanity and non-constructive criticism during the Runway Show. I do understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but there is a time and place for such comments, especially when they are surrounded by friends and family of these designers who have worked so hard to create their collections. I also noticed quite a few people leaving mid-way through the show and before the show was over the room was half empty. As I grabbed my coat from the unattended coat check station and headed out the door, I left with a little distaste and a feeling that although Calgary is striving to be on the map in terms of fashion, we still have a long way to go and Calgarians are not quite ready for a fashion scene.

Kudos to the organizers of the event. Until next year!

Images by Anthony Yuen

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