Happy Monday everyone! With the official first day of spring just a couple of days away, I have already started spring cleaning by giving away some items in my closet to charity and my beloveth prom dress that I have held on to for years to a good curse called GownTown.

Gowntown is a yearly event put together by Marlborough Mall to help graduating students experience the perfect prom by having access to gently used designer formal grad dresses for only $10. I vividly remember prom night like it was yesterday and how beautiful I felt in my dress. I can't wait for someone else to feel the same way as I did in the same dress. This is a perfect way in my opinion to get started on spring cleaning and make new room for a new closet because Marlborough Mall is entering every shopper who donates a dress between now and April 12th in for a $1000 shopping spree at the mall.

So if you live in the Calgary area and you or anyone you know have gently used prom dresses from within the last five years in excellent condition, then stop by Marlborough Mall today from now until April 12th during regular mall hours to drop your dress off at the Customer Service Center located by the food court.

The event will take place on Sunday April 14th from 10am-12noon at Marlborough Mall. So I urge you to get ahead with your spring cleaning and donate to a great curse.

For more information, check out Marlborough Mall website here, like their facebook page and follow them on twitter.


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  1. What a wonderful cause! I have two gowns in my closet right now that I would love to donate... I hardly have a reason to wear them and I'm sure they would make two girls feel like princesses for an evening. I don't think they do prom in France like we do in Canada, so I'll have to hold onto to them until I come back!


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