Updates On My 60 Days To A New You Challenge.

" Exercise maybe the breakthrough you need to go beyond limitations in other aspects of your life".

Happy Tuesday everyone! I just got some exciting news and can't wait to share it with you guys, but I have to remain mum for now. The last couple of months have been amazing to say the least. I have been riding this amazing wave of success that I never imagined and can only thank God for making it all possible.

I started a 60 day weight loss challenge a little over 8 weeks ago for an upcoming vacation and here are some updates on how it went. Just like with everything new, staying motivated the first couple of weeks is the easiest because the goal is still fresh in your memory, but as time goes on and the hustle and bustle of everyday life starts to take its toll, it becomes more of a challenge and harder to keep up, but I somehow managed to pull it off.

After 8 weeks of exercising 5 days a week and countless hours of meal planning and prepping, I shed 11 lbs and 12 inches all over. This challenge started off as a physical fitness challenge, but after 8 weeks I started to notice alot of changes, not only in my body, but also mentally, spiritually and in every aspect of my life that you can imagine. I started to challenge my ways of thinking and started to examine things I wanted out of life and with that came amazing breakthroughs that I never imagined. This experience has been very life changing and significant to the woman I am today. So I challenge each and everyone of you today to try and achieve a level of fitness you have always wished for  because it will lead to breakthroughs in other aspects of your life that you never thought possible.

To me, exercising is a lifestyle and one I plan to keep for the rest of my life. Here are some ways I stay motivated with exercising daily.

- I work out with a buddy. Knowing someone is waiting for me at the gym gets me out of bed every morning.

- Working out first thing in the morning gives you the extra boost of energy to get through your day and it eliminates being too tired to go later in the day.

- Set small goals for what you want out of working out and the results will lead you to setting bigger goals and setting the bar higher once those goals are achieved.

Get movitated and get started today!

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