Burst Event YYC

A few weeks ago, Fae from coco&cowe blog helped cover the BURST event for the blog as I was away on vacation. Here a little write-up about it.




"As a Calgary newbie I was pleasantly surprised when Joyce offered me a chance to attend BURST, an art & fashion event brought together by some talented artists and designers. Upon arriving the event I was so giddy to see so many fashion people (my people) gathered in such an amazing space. 

The show featured an array of glass versus fashion designs and their work was both impeccably crafted and like nothing I have ever seen before. I still am in awe of how well the models carried some of these delicate yet heavy pieces. Each designer left me pretty awestruck. Some of my favorites were Erina Kashihara's light show feature, Jin Won Han's glass headpiece, and last but most captivating the work of Teresa Burrows. 

Teresa Burrows pieces showcased First Nations ceremonial dress that were meant to depict the lost souls of women lost to violence on a certain strip of highway in Western Canada. They evoked so much emotion and were very stirring.

All in all,  I hope that BURST continues to be an annual event.  When I spoke to several people in the audience after the event,  they said this art and fashion scene was non-existent just 5 years ago and has blossomed to be something that the city is very excited about. Hopefully, Joyce will be able to steer me in the direction of more awesome events in the future.




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