Say Yes To The Bag

Say Yes To The Bag

I'm currently on the market for a  new designer handbag and can't decide on what I want. I've been lusting over a few handbags, but the decision on which one to get has proven to be harder than I thought. Honestly, I could use all of them in my closet, but my new life as a homeowner limits me to frivolous spending. *le sigh*  Purchasing a designer handbag is an investment for me considering the amount of money being spent on it and I take a few things into consideration before making the big purchase. The resale value, the quality of the leather and versatility of the style. Here are 4 bags that I have my eyes on right now.
This iconic handbag is the epitome of luxury and perhaps the most sought after handbag of all time. The bag features the quilted panels with a cc logo turn lock on the flap. This bag,  if kept in good condition has up to a 90% resale value and is one of those items that can last forever and be passed onto your children and grand children.

This classic and stylish handbag has taken the handbag-loving world by storm and that comes as no surprise due to the great detailing and statement touches added to it. The handbag is crafted from the finest durable leather and is spacious for everyday use. It works perfectly for anytime of the day and season and it also comes in a variety of colours and sizes.
 This luxury handbag is one of the classics from LV. The bag is covered in monogram vernis leather and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Probably one of my favorites ever by LV. The leather holds its shape for years to come and is very easy to maintain and is very sought after by celebrities and fashionistas all over the world.
This Prada bag is one of Prada's iconic and most coveted pieces. Made from the finest leather, this bag is sure to hold its shape for years to come and is a very easy to maintain bag that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The value of this bag will remain relatively high depending on how well maintained it is.

All of the bags listed above will run you anywhere from $2500- $4000. I've been saving for this for a very long time and can't wait to show you guys which one I pick.
Do you have a favorite from these 4 handbags?
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  1. Get the Celine one. I LOVE her designs and you can't go wrong with the quality.

  2. That's definitely top 2 on my list. I think it might be the one, but the Chanel is a classic.


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