J.Crew Loves

1. Mari Sandals In Hot Pink
2.Crystal Floral Statement Necklace (C/O)
3.Merino Tippi Sweater In Stripe
4. Lustre Twill Pencil Skirt

After attending  media launch of J.Crew in Calgary last month, I stopped by the Chinook Centre location a few days ago and picked up a few things that I was lusting over from the event. I love how pieces from J.Crew are all different colors and textures, but can be mixed-matched perfectly together. I have an unhealthy shoe obsession and absolutely adore these hot pink  sandals. With the numbered days of summer left in Calgary, I hope I get a few wears out of them J.Crew is currently having a summer blow-out sale. Stop by today and get a great deal at a fraction of the price.



  1. J. Crew has always been my great weakness... after being away from it for a year, I`m going to have a very hard time not going wild on my first visit once I`m back in Canada. All of these pieces are so cute! I especially love the sweater :)

  2. It's definitely my weakness ae well and now that my city has one, resisting will be very hard. Thanks so much for stopping by C. xo


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