Outfit Post: Reflections

Skirt: Zara  | Top: Zara|  Gold Pump: Steve Madden | Gold Watch: Michael Kors | Ear Ring: Chanel Studs Necklace/ Bracelet: Forever 21.

I've been going through an emotional rollercoaster as of later which has put my heart in great melancholy. I pride myself in being an incredibly strong woman who can fight through the worst of the worst and come out victorious, but sometimes I have no control of the situation and I hate feeling vulnerable. I feel very accomplished in many ways, but feel so empty inside quite often. With the recent floodings in Calgary and surrounding areas, I have been working with a non- profit organization in some of the rural towns in Alberta, one namely High River. After witnessing the tragedy that befell the town of High River, I have come to realize that I have no struggles at all, except for the ones I create for myself. Ladies, never underestimate the power of retail therapy. Ain't nothing a new closet can't patch fix.

P.s If you live in the Calgary area, stop by Market Walk this Saturday and Sunday to purchase clothes, shoes and accessories from Joyce's Closet. See you all there!


  1. Thanks for your support for High River, Joyce! That's home to my extended family, which they have been hit hard. Many hugs!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Becky! It has been a humbling experience helping out. xo


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