Weekend Getaway: Banff Alberta

Long before I moved to Canada, I have always wanted to visit Banff, Alberta, so when I moved to Calgary 18 years ago, I finally got to visit this incredibly beautiful town that had captured my heart through my father's vacation pictures. Truth be told, Banff is much more beautiful in person than pictures portray and I always feel right at home whenever I visit. Nothing beats the crisp mountain air and being encaved in beautiful rocky mountains. I feel incredibly lucky to live just an hour away from it.

I don't need an invite to escape the hustle and bustle of my busy life, so when a weekend getaway to Banff was suggested for this past weekend, I agreed without much hesitation and took it upon myself to plan the whole weekend. I had been feeling very uninspired for the last little bit and truthfully, a little depressed. Blame it on the gradual decline in temperature as the seasons change, or my lack of adventures this past summer, I needed something to stimulate my passion again, something to rejuvenate my senses and bring me back to the times when inspiration was lurking in the most random places and doing the things I loved to do didn't seem like work.
What an incredible weekend it was to say the least. We spent the first night at the Banff International Hotel downtown Banff, which was walking distance to all the shopping, restaurants and night life and then the second night at Hidden Ridge Resort at the top of Tunnel Mountain. Hidden Ridge Resort is definitely top three on my list of places to stay while in Banff. I mean what isn't there to love about this place. The cabin style condominiums fully equipped with wood burning fire place, a  full kitchen and a balcony with a Jacuzzi tub overlooking the mountains makes for a relaxing weekend.

Dinner at Saltlik was absolutely exquisite and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Banff.  Dinner by the fireplace, while sipping on processco was definitely the highlight of Friday night and then we went off to Dancing Sasquatch for some dancing to end the night.

Although I have been to Banff  more times than I can count, I always have an amazing time and discover new things to do. I am back feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Until next time Banff!


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