New Year, Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone! Hope the first few days of 2014 is treating everyone well. As mentioned in my previous post, I spent the first few days of 2014 in the beautiful Canadian Rockies where my heart is the most at peace. My time there was spent pampering myself, but more importantly, reflecting on the past year and how I can make 2014 the best year yet. I am not one to make New Year Resolutions, but I thing I have always made a point of is being a better person than I was the previous year. One thing I am doing differently this year is setting up  a " Blessing Jar" for what I want to happen in every aspect of my life this year and every time I receive that blessing , I will throw it into my "Blessing Jar". At the end of the year I can count every blessing and be thankful for the small and big things that has happened. I got this idea via Instagram from a very inspirational young woman named Karen Civil, who is the epitome of class, success and beauty and someone who is the perfect example of where hard work and believing in yourself takes you. I often feel like I'm in a constant uphill battle, struggling to no end for genuine happiness and contentment in every aspect of my life. Having said that, I feel like this will help put things into perspective for me and make me realize how truly lucky and blessed I am. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the little things.

I encourage you all to join me on this year long challenge!


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  1. Love your depth my friend! I hear ya about constant struggle with contentment in my life too. The only way I surive is through my Faith, I tell ya otherwise I would be a worse-off mess! :)

    Blessing upon you in 2014!!!!


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