Life is a Beautiful Struggle.

I recently turned 29, the last year in my 20's..  Although I was grateful that I had lived to see yet another year, I was also swept with this unsettling feeling that I wasn't where I needed to be in every aspect of my life. For many looking in from the outside, my life might appear to be perfect, but in reality, I make alot of mistakes and I am still trying to figure who I am and what I want in life.

All bullshit aside, turning 29 has given me the opportunity to evaluate my relationships, finances and more importantly what I want out of life and my happiness.  I'm proud of myself for actively getting out of the rut I was growing complacent in and almost accepting. I have said goodbye to friends, had my heart broken, lost money and made some terrible decisions, but along the way I have made some amazing friends, pieced together the broken pieces of  my heart and learned to love again, but ultimately I have found an inner contentment that I so desperately longed for. Although, I am not where I need to be, I have put all doubts aside and I am on the journey to where I need to be.

I believe that you choose your own happiness. Additionally, you choose your own destiny and the person you want to become, and when you put your best effort towards anything and leave nothing up to chance, the results will speak for themselves.



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