Diner En Blanc- 2014

 Custom Dress by NRT Fashions, Floral Head Band by Tink

 What a spectacular event Diner En Blanc was last Thursday. An event that originated in Paris 25 years ago and has since turned into a worldwide phenomenon with over 15,000 people participating in it yearly. The event took place for the 2nd year at Millenium Park in downtown Calgary and saw over 2,500 people, a huge spike from last year's 1000 attendees.

For the event, I opted for a custom made dress by local designer NRT, who I had partnered with earlier this year to share a store space. I wanted a hippie chic dress made out of lace with bell sleeves as blogged about here and she nailed it. The floral headband was purchased from local jewelry designer Jennie of Tink Jewelry and my vision of what I wanted to look like on that day came together.

The allure of the event is in the secrecy of the location and not knowing what to expect, but I think that went a little wrong after my group had to commute via transit and walk another 25 minutes to the location. Once everyone started indulging in food and wine, the complaints lessened and laughter and chatting was all that could be heard with everyone engrossed in the music and culture.

There are a few things I wish I knew before hand to ease the stress of getting ready for the event as well as getting to the location. Here are a few tips for those who plan to attend the event next year.

-Find a white outfit months in advance as there seems to be a scarcity when you're in need of one.
-Wear comfortable shoes
-Bring bug spray
- Depending on the time of the year the event takes place, a blanket is always a good idea as it gets a little bit chilly at night.

It was a spectacular event and one where you had to be there in person, because talking about it doesn't quite do it justice. I look forward to next year's event.



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