Home Decor Chronicle: Bar-Cart Styling

It's no secret bar-carts are all the rage these days. I've been coveting one after seeing so many pretty ones on Pinterest, but I have had a difficult time tracking one down. Target's Threshold's collection had a pretty brass one earlier this year, but I missed out on it because I contemplated too long on if I should but it or not. A few weeks ago, while thrift shopping, I found the perfect vintage gold bar-cart in almost perfect condition and I couldn't be happier. The final addition to my space

Now that I had the bar-cart, the thought of what to put on it was a little overwhelming, so I went on Pinterest and drew inspiration from a few different styles that I liked and came up with mine. In my opinion, a bar-cart should change with season and mine will be changing quite often. I'll be sure to update you guys on it.

(Moet Champagne, Mini Plant: Planterrarium, Moselland Reisling Cat Wine Bottle, Fashion Books: Homesense & Winners, African Curving: Winners , Paper Straws: Party City, Picture Frame with Quote: Homesense)

The perfect and final addition to my living room space. 



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