Decorating On A Budget

I've got a thing for decorating. It's been a while since I last updated you guys on some new updates on my home. I believe decorating your home is a lifelong process . You style is constantly changing and we get influenced by things around us which in turns reflects on our choices in decor.

 My recent home decor project involved my outdoor living space and the guest bedroom. The main goal for the guest bedroom and the balcony was to keep it calm, serene , elegant and also affordable. People always think pretty equals expensive, but that's not the case. I decorated both spaces for under $500 Some of my best finds were found at the thrift store... Yep you heard that right. I especially love that brass bowl and the silver lamp. 

Superstore Patio Set $180

Superstore Ceramic Table $60
 Homesense Maison Jar Mugs $16
Plant $18

Ikea decorative throw pillow $19 
Value Village White Night Stand $14 
Value Village Lamp $20
Homesense Quote frames $60
Thrifted Brass bowl $4
Bouclair Homes Night stand accessories $15
Bouclair Homes Silver Accessories $35
Homesense Pink Vase $20
Winners Hourglass $16
Value Village Books $5
Vintage Brass frame $16

I'm sure there will be more changes in the future, but I think I am happy with the way things are for now. 

Here are some helpful tips when planning a home decor project:
- Come up with a budget and stick to it. $20 here and there adds up quickly.
- Don't be afraid to check out thrift shops. They have so many hidden treasures for dirt cheap.
-If you have no idea of what you want your place to look like, get inspiration from Pinterest.
-Play with colors. I am a sucker for a neutral tone, but like to add ascents of color. 



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