Diner en Blanc Calgary 2015

Diner en Blanc returned to Calgary for the 3rd year in a row and it was nothing short of spectacular. A tradition that started over 25 years ago is now a worldwide phenomenon and a must attend event.

Dress: Zara , Shoes: Call it Spring, Floral Headband : Tink , Accessories : TopShop 

The concept is quite simple. Attendee must be dressed in all white, bring a picnic table, chair, table cloth and dinnerware. At the last minute, the location is given to everyone who have been patiently waiting to learn of the secret location in a public space. Thousands of people will gather for a mass picnic conducting themselves with the greatest elegance and etiquette, while dining on food and sipping wine with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The allure of the event is the secrecy of the location and this year's location was in Eau Claire park over looking the bow river with the beautiful peace bridge as the back drop. The event was catered by  renowned Chef Michael Noble but guest had the option of packing their own meals with the exception of wine.

There are so many things about Diner en Blanc's culture that I love so much. From the napkin wave to the  thousands of sparkler glow and dancing to romantic french music under the warm summer sunset; Diner en blanc is a sight to behold and something you must experience once in your lifetime.

This has become a yearly tradition  for me and is an event I  plan to attend for many years to come.




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