Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival 2015

Fashionable foodies were in attendance among the participating patrons of the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival this past Friday. The Stampede Park BMO Centre was adorned with red carpets and glittering high tables as guests were welcomed with empty wine glasses to fill during their tour of the spirited event. 

Over 200 vendors from the hottest restaurants to the coldest beverages united for a tasteful cause (donations were accepted for local charities and food banks). Fashion played a highlight for displaying top-selling products ranging from Pig & Duke bison sliders to Guinness Blonde American Lager. Stylish vendors at the festival, including Vancouver’s Goose Island Brewery and South Africa’s Savanna Dry, were not shy about emphasizing what makes their best drinks so fashionable. 

So, we asked trendy vendors: If your best-selling product were a fashionista, what would her classic go-to outfit be, and where would she be wearing it to? 

A drink cannot get any more sophisticated and feminine with a name like “Sofie.” Known as a relaxed brand with a cool and casual style, Goose Island Brewery Company spoke highly of their sparkling Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale, noting that if she were a fashionista, Sofie could most likely be spotted in a fitted white dress and heels attending the opera because she is meek, dynamic, and effervescent. Cheers to one classy ale!

Originating in South Africa and serving as one of the top three ciders in the world, Savanna Dry Premium Cider launched in Calgary only a year ago and the success of the brand has been skyrocketing ever since. With yellow as a prominent color scheme in label design, it’s no wonder Savanna Dry would be vibrant and stylish. PMA Canada and Savanna Dry representative Janice Ramsay envisions Savanna as your bright and energetic girlfriend. “Savanna would definitely be wearing something yellow, like a sundress and in heels, working it. She’s very confident and very outgoing,” Ramsay said. "She knows she’s good looking."

“Sophisticated” and “sexy” are repeated terms to describe Apothic Wines, so it only makes sense that the brand would capitalize on the classic little black dress. “You could be sitting down with a girlfriend watching Netflix, or experiencing the mystery and intrigue of a night on the town dressed to impress,” said Apothic Wine representative Stephanie Mainwood. “If Apothic Dark were a fashionista, I have a feeling she would be very elegant and dressed in all black. She’s a girl who can handle her own; that woman who can be alone in a bar but isn’t lonely, she definitely has an air of confidence.” Preety Keith, marketing representative for Apothic Wine’s hot commodity Apothic Dark, believes the Apothic Dark fashionista is always ready to play and doesn’t take things too seriously. “She’s got a dark, sexy, and mysterious vibe to her."

If low-calorie drink Social Lite were a stylish woman, she would always be dressed ready to socialize. “Social Lite would be wearing a sleek black dress and hanging out drinking with her friends on the patio,” says Kevin Folk, Chief Operating Officer for Social Lite. “Social Lite would be the health-conscious hot chick."

“Aperol Spritz would definitely be wearing a cute little dress,” said Aperol representative and cocktail enthusiast Katerina. “It would be orange, very simplistic, classy, and something that you would wear on a patio. She’s really easygoing, and the type of person you would want to introduce to your closest friends!” Orange you glad Aperol Spritz is your new best friend? 

 We can't wait to check out new wines and delicious cuisines next year 





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