Winefest 2017

The finest of wines were at the 2017 Winefest sponsored by Sobeys Liquor and Safeway at the BMO Centre. Hundreds of guests attended the annual occasion to partake in sipping and sharing. With glasses in hands and bottles ready to pour, Winefest Calgary was a sensational soiree. 

Among the several wines available from all over the world, we took some time to get to know our favourites in a fashionable flair. So we took to the bottles and asked a well-dressed question: “If your wine was a fashionista in real life, what would her style be like?” The responses received were fabulous and just as lively as the libations being described. 

Alpha Estate, a winery located at the northwest part of Greece, produces delicious wine. Specifically, the Alpha Pinot Noir sets a warm taste with notes of dark chocolate and spiced plums. Kostas, export manager at Alpha State, believes that Alpha State would always be dressed in anything Vivienne Westwood. “Alpha Estate would be edgy but classy. She would wear something fashionable every day, but more importantly she would be making a statement.”

Columbia Winery, Washington state’s first premium winery, had a simple yet elegant logo that matched the refined taste of its varietal Merlot. “If Columbia Valley were a woman, she would have a style that is relaxed, classic, and French. Merlot is a French grape in origin — it’s classic, soft, and she would wear a classic black dress with a string of pearls to accessorize,” said Jocelyn, on-premise sales for E. & J. Gallo.

Another favorite wine brand was Brakemen Foundation’s Carita, not only because of its robust and refreshing tastes, but because of it’s support for Zero Hungry Kids - a mandate that aims to ensure that every child in grades K-6 receives proper nutritional meals throughout the school day within Calgary’s school system. The gentlemen representing Carita proudly modeled their bottles while wearing cowboy hats and relished in the idea of Carita being an incredibly stylish woman. “Carita would we be wearing a nice, long red dress with straps. Her hair is down and she’s going to a nice dinner party!” said Brakemen Foundation representative Jay Third.

Another favorite among the flavorful options was Anna Spinata. Produced in Italy and primarily distributed in BC, Anna Spinata creates wines that are sure to liven up a party, all while being completely organic! Bottled up to perfection and wrapped in a colorful, playful design packaging, the Spumante Brut Rose is a taste of the ideal summer - refreshing, flirtatious, and fun! “If Anna Spinata was a fashionista, she would be fun, flirty and lively,” said a representative for Anna Spinata. “She would be wearing tight jeans with pumps, a fun little jacket, and her hair is up and a little messy!”

With a vast collection of curated wines set up inside the BMO Centre, it was a lovely surprise of a treat seeing local Calgary business Ollia representing their delicious macarons. Although the fashion question pertained to wines, we couldn’t help but ask David Rousseau, owner of Ollia, what Ollia herself would wear if she were a chic fashionista. “Ollia would wear a small, flowery and Parisian dress,” said Rousseau. “She would be wearing that dress in the Springtime during beautiful weather and she would be spending the day shopping around. She would also be sophisticated, but she wouldn’t necessarily know how sophisticated she really is.”

From detailed descriptions featuring edgy to sophisticated, classic little black dress to long red dress, and hair down to a messy up-do, it almost seems like there could have been a Winefest themed fashion show on a runway at the BMO Centre! How would your drink dress up? Cheers to sipping in style!



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