Whether you’re a first-time mom like me or someone who has been blessed to be a mother more than once, I am sure you can all agree that EVERYONE thinks they are an expert when it comes to parenting. I have never in my life received more advice from friends and strangers alike until I gave birth to Ini.  While some has been solicited, the majority has been unsolicited and I can’t say that it all works for us because let’s be honest, every baby is different. It took 3 months before I started to get into the groove of things and being a mom felt less chaotic. Thanks to my mother and sisters for helping get through the crazy days. 

I have taken some tips from my mother, sisters and mommy friends and have developed some of my own along the way during the last 8 months that has helped me navigate this new world of motherhood. Having a newborn by no means makes me an expert either but I wanted to share a few things that has worked so far with us and has kept both mama and baby happy and healthy.
Supplements for Newborns
Giving your baby supplements can significantly help ensure that they get what they need for healthy development. We have been giving Ini vitamin D3 drops since the day she was born. Vitamin D3 drops help their bodies absorb and use calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.

At home we use D Drops for Babys  for Ini and love it. It contains no sugar/sweeteners, corn, starch, gluten, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours or preservatives. D Drops Vitamin D3 Drops also come in a gravity bottle specifically designed to release the appropriate dose of 400 IU (10 mcg) every single time, which is just one drop. This makes things super easy as there is no measuring. And as fussy as babies can be in regards to administering pretty much anything into their mouth that’s not breastmilk or formula, the drop can easily be taken during their feeding by placing it on your breast (or bottle) nipple and they don’t notice a thing!
Diaper Bag Prep

I packed my baby's Coach Diaper Bag before she was born by looking up what needed to go in there, but trust me, you don't really realize what you need until you've been out a few times with baby. For the expecting moms- here is how to make the process seamless:
  1. Start Small. Instead of packing up for a whole day out on the town, try just going for a long walk or a trip to the mall. This requires much less for you to have  on hand. Once you have nailed the short outings, then you will have the confidence for longer ones.
  2. Pack The Night Before. This is a game-changer and saved my life. It totally eliminates the stress of accidentally forgetting something important. I had actually left the house without extra diapers and a change of clothes earlier on and just take a guess who had a poo explosion. When you’re not rushed to be anywhere you can take your time which significantly lowers your stress level.
  3. Do Weekly Inventory Checks. Babies grow FAST. If you like to keep extra changes of clothes in the bag, make sure to take a look at the onesies and pants in there. You would be surprised, not swapping out these items for just two weeks can leave you stranded with clothes that no longer fit if you’re out and need to change your kid.
  4. Simplify Bottle Making On-The-Go. If you are exclusive formula feeding your baby or use it occasionally for supplemental feedings, find one of those pre-portioned formula containers so you can easily make bottles on the go.
  5.  Different Food Options On-The-Go. Chances are your baby will become more picky with food as they get older. It's always best to have different options on hand. I can't even count how many time having a pack of Mum Mum or baby cereal has saved my life. 

Car Travel Without Meltdowns

Its not uncommon for babies to have a meltdown when they are put in the car. I have assumed it has to do with the car seat as babies generally love motion. Ini had so many meltdowns when she was younger I can't even count. It got to the point where I had to drive in the back seat with her while my husband drove to sooth and calm her down. We are now at a point where she is either so relaxed she's sleeping or cooing away in the back. I would advise you to make sure your baby is well feed and changed before heading out for a car drive. Having a mirror facing the baby has been very helpful. I absolutely love the Brica Baby In Sight Mirror. It comes in handy when checking on baby to see how they are doing or simply just making eye contact with them which can instantly calm them down when driving.
 The learning curve with a baby is steep and I have discovered new tips and tricks as baby grows. Doing what works best for you is key to a healthy and happy baby. 




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