Although it may not seem like it, it has taken a lot of courage to get back in the front of the camera. Having a baby does something to your body that can never be repaired, but let me tell you something, it was worth every minute of it and I would do it all over again as a matter of fact, we are currently working on it. Although I am back to my pre-baby weight, I still have a lot of work to do to get to a place where I feel 100% comfortable in my own skin.

My style has always been classic and I look up to classic style icons like Olivia Palermo, Jackie O, Candace Bergen just to name a few. This Zara dress is definitely a classic. A flattering silhouette that hugs in all the right places and can be dressed up or down perfectly paired with my go to shoes for the season; these beautiful rose gold mules that I seriously can't get enough of.  Expect to see them in every style post until I retired them for the season.

I have linked similar styles below 


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