The new Central Library in downtown Calgary just recently opened and I got an opportunity to check it out in person. This architecturally stunning structure, designed by Noway architecture firm Snøhetta is a sight to behold. The interior is just as amazing as the exterior,  with lots of resources than just books. 

The new library is equipped with lots of Calgary's history as well as resources for just about anyone. It has an impressive kids section, equipped with a play area to keep any child engaged than just reading. 

A visual and audio recording studio that can be booked for a 2 hour time slot using your library card at no COST. There are also experts at hand to help you with any questions that you might have. 

There are lots of scenic and quiet reading nooks all around the library with a coffee shop in the middle and bottom floor of the library that serves up all of your coffee shop favorites + WINE which makes for the perfect place to have a meeting, wind down after a long day at the office or to meet up with a friend. 

One thing that stood out to me and that I absolutely loved was the private inter-faith room that welcomes everyone religion to come together and pray. There is so much to see and I would highly recommend you check it out at some point.



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